Friday, April 9, 2021

Invitation: City Walk - Ranchor Line

Schedule: Sunday, April 11, 2021

Meeting point (Sabri Nihari House, near Urdu Bazar, M. A. Jinnah Road): 

Meeting time: 6:30am 

Breakfast and end of event: ~9:30am Pakistan Time


Lets explore around one of the oldest neighborhoods in Karachi: Ranchor Line! (

The locality is not only old but also inhibited by a distinctive community, known as Silawat, which moved from Rajastahan in India during the British Raj to capitalize on their unique stone-masonry skills. This community was the one behind the yellow-stone work on colonial heritage sites spread around the old city! 

During our morning excursion, we will wander around those narrow allays passing through Ranchor Line, will try exploring historical sites in the locality, and will speak to inhabitants hoping there are at least a few early-risers. We will also peek into Qawwal Gali ( in the nearby Garden West precinct before meeting the oldest tree of the town residing in Karachi Zoo – time permitting. 

In between, we will also hop in and off the public transport; W11 and likes, to make full use of the peaceful Sunday morning!

For breakfast, we may take recourse on the omnipresent Quetta hotels for chae, paratha, and omelet. Or we may switch to a more exciting and authentic alternative which we may find on our way - keeping it flexible and fun. 

There are no charges to the event. You are expected to contribute your part of the expense for breakfast and bus ride, usually in the range of Rs. 100-200 per person (one or more participants in the event would have to volunteer to collect and pay the contribution).

This is a family friendly event where we welcome enthusiasts from all age brackets. In previous such walk we had elderlies accompanying us, as well as infants in the baby pram - all had good fun!

Also a great opportunity for travelers who are visiting Karachi to explore around the real city and meet locals in an authentic way.

Please keep a bottle of water and preferably a small day-pack. We will walk ~3km so a comfortable pair of shoes is necessary. 

For coordination, please email me ( with your contact number.

To know more about it, here goes a glimpse of one such earlier city walks which I arranged and could document: