Tuesday, August 29, 2017

City Walk 1: A Walk around Old Karachi

Would You Believe this View is from Karachi's Burns Road and not from the Tropical Thailand!

Here is a small account and photos of a recent walk around Saddar – mainly in the quest of finding a defunct Gurdwara.
(Gurdwara: is a place of worship for people belonging to Sikh religion)

It was like a treasure hunt, because our destination, which itself houses inside another building - a college - is neither famous nor marked on online maps. Using the signs and codes I read in the account of a fellow wanderer, we managed to locate the building but could not make it inside because the caretaker of the locked government college refused to wake up that early!

Postponing that to some later time, we took photos of another closed Hindu Mandir located nearby after having halwa puri from outside of the very temple!

A Closed Hindu Temple in Saddar near the Gurdwara
We had Halwa Puri from outside the defunct Mandir!
A Peek through the Electric Wires
Afterwards, we walked all the way to Pakistan Chowk and then back to the Empress Market where we parked our cars. In between, we crossed by Kabootar Chowk in front of High Court Building, saw the lush green Burns Gardens located alongside the National Museum, sneak-peeked into DJ Science College, and had a cup of tea at Fresco Chowk.

The Primitive Water Supply System Still Surviving in Old Parts of Karachi

Mashkeeza - the Waterskin 
An old Tree outside Burns Gardens Karachi
Can You Spot the Bird Inside? 
Another Tree outside the Burns Gardens
Model Village outside National Museum: A Rather Weird Effort by the Sindh Government!
Sindh Muslim Government Law College
Laid Back Sunday Morning
Dhoop Ghari - the Sundial
Pigeons of Karachi
Official Residence of DJ College Principal - no more used

Elevated Crossing Between DJ College Campuses

Impressive Facade of DJ College

DJ College - A Reminiscent of Karachi's Past Glory
Me Sitting on DJ College Stairs

The Otherwise Brimming Pakistan Chowk on a Sunday Morning 

Recently Rehabilitated Pakistan Chowk 

A Decaying Heritage Structure near Pakistan Chowk
A View of Old Karachi Lane

Fresco Chowk Karachi

An Old Town Mosque Named After Quaid-e-Azam
Overall, it was an enjoyable experience on a pleasant Sunday morning, which I intend to repeat in the coming days especially to complete the unfinished business; the Gurdwara. Don’t hesitate and do let me know if you would like to join in for the next walk!