Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Upcoming: Highland Meadows and Lakes from Kalam to Kumrat Valleys (Upper Swat and Upper Dir)

This summer (June 2018) we're heading North of the country to the beautiful and naturally gifted valleys around Hindukush Mountain Ranges.

We will traverse around the highlands connecting Upper Swat and Upper Dir between Kalam and Kumrat valleys. Its vast landscape hosts countless pastures, glacial water streams, natural lake formations, and absolutely unique fauna. 

The idea is to stay at an idyllic remote hamlet, Gabral, as close to nature as it could be, with locals (homestay), relaxing and enjoying the bounties of nature:"naturally" organic food, homegrown vegetable and fruits, non-harmonized dairy, freshwater trout, herb fed lamb, and what not!

Due to its remoteness, Gabral faced relatively lower human intervention, therefore, nature is better preserved evident from the fact that the valley naturally grows hundreds of medicinal herbs, which makes it really enticing!


M=Mingora 1 night
G=Gabral 6 nights
J=Jandrai 4 nights

June 21
Departure from Karachi
June 22
Reach Swat, Mingora M1
June 23
Mingora -Kalam-Gabral G1
June 24
Gabral: Settle down G2
June 25
Gabral: Shahi Bagh Trek G3
June 26
Gabral: Khrarkhari Lake Trek G4
June 27
Gabral: Kundol Lake Trek G5
June 28
Gabral-Kumrat-Jandrai J1
June 29
Jandrai-Jahaz-Banda Trek J2
June 30
Jahaz Banda-Katora Lake-Jahaz Banda  Trek J3
July 1
Jahaz Banda-Jandrai Trek J4
July 2

Our preferences:
A) stay as close to nature as possible 
B) have local organic food
C) slow traveling 
D) keeping it environment friendly


For 2+2 of us we estimate Rs. 50,000-70,000 for ~10 days trip - including food, accommodation, and inland traveling plus the cost of return journey from Karachi. This trip would involve mild trekking/hiking, some adventure, offroading, and possibly a few nights of camping.

In case you are heading in the same direction, family or otherwise, during the same dates please give me a buzz, and we can appreciate the natural beauty together.

For planning update, please see Kalam to Kumrat 2018