Friday, January 26, 2018

Authentic Pakistan: Tea and Chicken Karhai at Quetta Hotel

A Typical Quetta Tea Hotel on National Highway
Quetta Tea Hotels are not to be confused; they are not limited to Quetta but can be found anywhere in Pakistan. They are impossible to ignore, especially in Karachi, or on Highways.

Their specialty is fresh strong tea, which is so good and addictive that some people believe that "something" is mixed. Bhang (cannabis), or something like that. But I don't believe in such conspiracy theories! Interestingly, although these ubiquitous hotels are not part of any franchise yet almost all of them have similar attributes, including taste, just like a modern day brand.

I took these photos while traveling to Makli Necropolis, a UNESCO heritage site located near Karachi, with a visiting cousin. We wanted to have tea and fortunately found this hotel, with the enthusiastic "ustaad", on the main National Highway, just before Makli.

Here goes some more tea photos with trademark "parathas":

Parathas at Quetta Hotel are a Great Combination with their Strong Tea

Tea Tasting: "Ustaad" is making sure that the tea is having right quantities of milk, tea, and sugar!

Tea in the Making
Below is Chicken Karhai served with oven-hot whole-wheat Bread:

Fresh Chicken Karhai
One Type of Pakistani Roti