Monday, October 16, 2017

Beach Camping at Mubarak Village

Our Campsite at Karachi's  Mubarak Village
Mubarak is a scenic coastal village situated westwards of Karachi. It is located almost at the tip of the peninsula-like land which jets into the Arabian Sea. Facing Charna Island, the beach provides a great outing opportunity with clear water, calm surroundings, and openhearted dwellers.

Idea of overnight camping at Mubarak did not need any afterthoughts and quickly turned into reality over Ashura. This time the troupe consisted of 4 families, including 10 children, and the plan was to camp somewhere along the beach and closer to the nature.

We left Karachi around noon and reached the campsite by 3 pm with a couple of stopovers in between; one at Nasir Brohi Hotel for tea and the other at enroute village to buy wood for the campfire. We took precooked food along – Qeema, Kulchay, White Rice, etc. – for early dinner and a gas cylinder for tea and breakfast. For lunch, we had sandwiches on the go.

Location of Mubarak Village on Google Maps
We Bought the Fire Wood from this Enroute Village
Smoke Spewing Hub Power Station Keeps Our ACs Running
Luckily, we found an elevated flat piece of rock right there on the beach; a perfect place to setup camps and to enjoy the sumptuous sunset dinner. The far side of the rock was naturally carved to serve as an open air loo with the help of a small camp for privacy!

A couple of days before that, I contacted Ghulam Mustafa, who accompanied us in the Astola adventure and originally belongs to Mubarak village. Ghulam Mustafa was not only very supportive but also came to meet us despite his busy schedule back home.

Campfire started after sunset which got livelier with the fresh GT fish (Giant Trevally) Ghulam Mustafa kindly arranged for us. Finally, we had a cup of tea made on wood before calling it a day. Some slept inside the cozy camps while others preferred to lounge under the clear skies and soothing moonlight. Weather was nice with the sea breeze only adding to the comfort. At no point in time we felt unsafe. Passing hoards of picnickers, mostly on fishing trips, were the only, and uneventful, distraction in the night.

This Rock on the Beach Perfectly Suited for the Campsite
Far Side of the Rock was Actually Very Useful!
The Other Location was 'Semi-Private'

Charna Island in the Background; A Popular Hangout Among Snorkeling and Scuba Enthusiasts
Thank You Ghulam Mustafa for the fresh Giant Trevally; !
Beach Picnic in Karachi is Incomplete without a Camel Ride
Aashura Moon was Already Up
Low-lying Hill on our Left - in White is Khizar's Musalla
One of  the 'Shikari' Picnickers Around 
Inhabitants of Mubarak Village Watch that Everyday!
Campfire at Mubarak Village
Live Fish on Wood Marinated with Salt and Pepper!
We Were Over the Moon
Borrowed Camp from a Friend!
Next morning, almost everyone woke-up around dawn. After having the breakfast, a group left for trekking to explore the background hills, another raised their kite and the rest just chilled. The weather was still pleasant for a swimming session before we packed our camps and left around 11 am when it started getting hot.

We wanted to leave a bit earlier but had to wait for the tide to get lower and make way for our cars!

One thing which was noticeable on the otherwise clean beach was the presence of dead fish and eel. I was curious to know whether it was natural or an effect of human intervention and asked Ghulam Mustafa while stopping for goodbye at his village home. Sadly, that was not due to some natural phenomenon and rather the lousiness of fishing groups, mostly hobbyists, who throw away unwanted catch which gets trapped in their cruel nets. 

Sunrise at Mubarak Village!
Morning Trek;  Shariq Made it to the Top
Locals Attribute this Place to Hazrat Khizar
Making Our Way Back to the Campsite
Not a Good Sight Especially When Caused by Human Intervention. Sad!
Ecosystem at Work; Dead Eating Insects