Egyptian Campaign 2011

A Sufi Artist Performing Tanura in Cairo
Egypt has been passing through a very critical time in its history. This was what I learnt while leaving for the surprise Cairo trip earlier this month (December 2011). Media analysts were busy in predicting country's future contemplating whether it would fall into the Islamist prerogative. On the other hand, family and friends were anxious about the impulsive development while some termed that absolutely crazy, and unnecessary, especially with the 20 months old Misha.

After coming back from one week journey I am now pondering when in the last five thousand years, or more, Egypt had not been passing through the critical times!

The Pharaonic legends and yet preserved Mummies, the Coptic history and the Alexander era, Arab invasion in the first century Hijri, Fatimids and Abbasids, the bravery  of Saladin, Ottoman’s conquest in the 16the century, Arab-Israel conflicts and the resultant Suez Crisis, and finally the en-masse revolt against the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak; the water of Nile had always been busy in witnessing the 'historical developments'. 

Resultantly, there was a lot to explore, observe, and learn and we could only wish to see all that in between these six nights:

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Video: Egyptian Magic

The Ottoman Glory: Mosque Muhammad Ali Pasha
The Early Islamic Era inside Mosque Ibne Tulun
Giza Pyramids During Sounds & Lights Show
Inside the Mortuary
Coptic Codes
The Brutal Revolution
Cruising Through the Nile
The Suez Magic