Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Balkans Travel Photos: Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia

Serbia: Belgrade and the Countryside 
June 17-20
Reached Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia. June 17

Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan. June 18
A View from Kalemegdan Fort.
Ravanica Monastery in Cuprija - Serbian Countryside. June 19
Rail Load Coming Out of a Live Coal Mine in East Serbia.
Resava Cave - 80 Million Years Old Ice Age Cave in Serbia.
Inside the Cave, 80 Meters Deep: Calcium Carbonate Structures.
Near Strmosten Town, East Serbia.

Video: Lisini Water Fall, East Serbia
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/d9mwrrGBb84jTS3y8

Macedonia: Skopje and Matka Canyon
June 20-22
Cable Car Overlooking Skopje, Capital of Macedonia. June 21
Kayaking at Matka Canyon, Skopje, Macedonia.

Albanian Riveira: Beaches of Ksamil and Sarande 
June 22-26
Sarande, South of Albania. June 23
Scenic Beach Stretch on the Ionic Sea, Mediterranian, South Albania. June 24

Ksamil Beach, Off the Beathen Path, Albania.
Ksamil Beach Located Very Close to Greek Island of Corfu.
Prisitne Nature at Ksamil Beach, Albania.

Montenegro: Kotor, Budva, and Mountain Train to Bijelo Polje
June 26-29
Kotor, the Historical Town in Montenegro. June 27
Kotor is the Main Tourist Attraction in Monetengro.
Budva, Another Popular Coastal Town in Montenegro.
Clear Waters of Adriatic Sea in Budva, Montenegro.
Montenegro-Serbia Train via Mountains. June 28
Town of Bijelo Polje, in the Mountains of Montenegro, Off the Beaten Path. 
Bijelo Polje Train Station on Montenegro-Serbia Border.

Bosnia: Konjic Rafting and the Survivor Sarajevo
June 29 - July2
The Scenic Konjic Town, Near Sarajevo, Bosnia. June 30
Cats of Konjic, Bosnia.
Mosque in Konjic, Bosnia
Rafting in Konjic, Bosnia.
Neretva River, Konjic, Bosnia, Popular Rafting Spot.
Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. July 1
Tombs Overlooking Sarajevo Old Town, Bosnia.
Sarajevo City Hall, the Survivor of Bosnia.
This is Why Sarajevo Survived. Bosnia.
A Tourist Street in Sarajevo Old Town, Bosnia.
Sarajevo Zoo, Bosnia.

Friday, July 5, 2019

7 Countries in 25 Days - Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Qatar

Balkans Loop: Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia
Last month, June 2019, we (family of 4) headed to Europe, explored around part of the Balkan Peninsula, mostly ex-Yugoslavia, along with visiting Istanbul and Doha on the way: 

June 8-12 Doha
June 12-17 Istanbul
June 17-20 Serbia
June 20-22 Macedonia
June 22-26 Albania
June 26-29 Montenegro
June 29-2 Bosnia

Some Balkan Countries - 5 to be precise: Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia - offer visa free access to those who have valid US visa. We visited the US in 2015 so our 5 Year Multiple Visa was still valid, giving us the opportunity to explore these beautiful places. Interestingly, Turkey also provides the facility of eVisa for US visa holders which we happily availed. And since we took Qatar Airways so it was most appropriate to avail the Visa on Arrival facility which Qatar has only recently started for Pakistani citizens.

Balkan Countries are well connected with each other by road. The best way to explore all these countries is to hire a car and drive, but since I am not enthusiastic about driving so we took buses from one country to the other, which was pretty doable, if not too comfortable.

So for us, it was a combination of flights, buses, and taxis for inter-country traveling:
Karachi - Doha - Istanbul: Qatar Airways
Istanbul - Belgrade: Pegasus Airlines
Belgrade - Skopje - Sarande - Podgorica - Sarajevo: Buses/Taxis
Sarajevo - Doha - Karachi: Qatar Airways

Balkan Part 1: Serbia-Macedonia-Albania

We flew into Belgrade from Istanbul, explored around the capital for a day, and then left for the town of Cuprija, where a kind Serbian local Gordana showed around the stunning Serbian countryside including 80 Million Years Old Ice Age Cave Complex which is called Resava.

From Cuprija, we continued Southwards and took bus to the Macdenonian Capital Skopje where we stayed for two nights and explored Matkay Canyon for kayaking, first-time for us. Before the water sports, the same morning, we took cable car ride to the top of the hill within Skopje to have a bird eye-view of the city. 

From Skopje, we wanted to make it to South Albania, to the coastal town of Sarande, located right in front of the Greek Island of Corfu on the Mediterranean. Since direct bus between Skopje-Sarande had to start from July only, in the high season, so we first took the early morning Skopje-Tirana bus. Tirana is the capital of Albania and a regional transportation hub. Rather than going all the way to Tirana we got off the bus after crossing Macedonia-Albania border at a road junction near the town of Rrogozhinë. From there, we tried stopping Sarande bound mini-buses. In the meantime, we saw a minibus going to Vlore, a town on the same coast, hoping that we will find something from there for Sarande. When we reached Vlore, around 2pm, it appeared that there was no more public transport to Sarande for the day, and either we had to wait for the next morning or get a taxi.

We chose the second option, after some tough bargaining, which proved to be a great decision. 125km Vlore-Sarande road runs through the lush green hills with stunning coastal views throughout the journey. In Sarande, we took a break for 4 nights and chilled around the pristine beaches including a day trip to the divine Ksamil beach.

Balkan Part 2: Albania-Montenegro-Bosnia

Sarande, Albania was our farthest destination and the most Southwards. From there, we once again headed to the North, on a different route though to complete the loop.

From Sarande, we took early morning bus to Tirana first. From Tirana we expected to take another bus either to Albania-Montenegro border, or to all the way to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Failing to find an immediate connection, we boarded on the ready minibus to Shkoder, the border town, where we took the taxi to cross the border and to reach Podgorica.

In Podgorcia, we stayed for 3 nights. Explored the coastal town of Kotor and Budva as one day trip, and then on the other day took the mountain train to the town of Bijelo Polje, again as a day trip.

From Montenegro we continued further North through Podgorica-Sarajevo bus, which was pretty straight forward. We reached Sarajevo, dumped our luggage, and took another bus the same evening to the Bosnian countryside to the town of Konjic, a hill station one hour drive from Sarajevo, for white water rafting. We came back to Sarajevo the next day, stayed there for two nights, explored around the rebuilt city, before catching the return flight on 2nd July.

In the coming days, I would like to share details and photos of this interesting journey - schedule permitting. So stay tuned!

Here I would like to thank all the locals and friends we stayed with and those who helped us with precious information about exploring around an uncharted territory for a typical Pakistani traveler.

Friday, April 12, 2019

City Walk 7: Pakistan Day at Quaide Azam Residency, Baghe Jinnah, Frere Hall and Governor House Sindh

Frere Hall - The Icon of Karachi's Colonial Heritage
Walk Route: ~4km
1. Frere Hall: Meeting point, parked our cars. 7:30am
2. Victoria Mansion: Breakfast at dhaba behind Karachi Gymkhana - Anda, Paratha, and Chai. 8:15am
3. Governor House Gardens. 9:15am. Closed at 9:00am so we couldn’t go inside! (Photos from the Previous Trip)
4. Baghe Jinnah: recently renovated with lush gardens and kids friendly. 9:30am
5. Bara Dari, Government Commerce College, PIDC, Pearl Continental, Moven Pick, Commissioner House, etc: Walked by and enjoyed the curated roadside gardens. 10:15am
6. Quaide Azam House Museum: Free guided tour of the exquisite classy interior. 10:30am
7. Frere Hall: Back to Frere Hall and visited the usual Sunday Book Fare. 12:00 pm
8. Jan’s Broast Saddar: Hadi treated us before leaving back for Singapore

Walk Route: Frere Hall - Victoria Mansion - Governor House - Baghe Jinnah - Bara Dari - PIDC - Quaide Azam Residency
Fawwara Chowk Near Zainab Market - Looked Different on a Calm Morning
We Started from Karachi's Influential Abdullah Haroon Road
Karachi's Colonial Heritage Near Metropol Junction
Victoria Mansion and Dhaba Breakfast
After ordering the breakfast, Hassan and I tried to find out Victoria Mansion taking clues from the Google Maps. However, at the given location was a 1970s building, courtyard of which is in very bad shape. Hassan, Hadi, and I finally concluded that Victoria Mansion must be the same building we have already seen on the main Abdullah Haroon Road while walking from the Frere Hall after crossing the Metropol Signal.

Is this the Victoria Mansion, plotted on Google Maps in that Vicinity?
Governor House Gardens: Opens 6am to 9am
When we reached, 09:10 am, it was already closed. So be there before 9 am if you want to see the curated privileged gardens recently opened for public. Photos from the previous walk in October 2018 (unpublished).
Governor House Sindh: Garden Are Now Accessible to "Ghareeb Awaam" 6-9 am Only
Govenor House Sindh - A Reminiscent of Our Colonial Past and Current Mindset
The Greener Grass
The Privileged Lone Tree
Cozy Corner Inside the Governor House
Cyclists Group (Critical Mass I Think) Invited by the PTI's Governor Imran Ismail Who Was Also Accompanying
In Short: Please Behave!
Baghe Jinnah
Gulshan-e-Jinnah, or Bagh-e-Jinnah, Old Pologround, Re-Inaugurated Every Now and Then!
Another 'Takhtee' of Inauguration by the then Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad Serving His Publicity Only
Karachi's Characteristic Tree, Lignum Vitae, or Neelgam as popularly called, lined up in Bagh-e-Jinnah, Shaheen Comples Top Left
Lignum Vitae is Karachi's Indigenous Flower, called Neelgam also, Changes Color from Purple to White
Flood Lights Inside Baghe Jinnah
Baghe Jinnah is Recently Renovated So Better Visit That Before it is Back to its Default Condition
Marble Bench in Baghe Jinnah
Bara Daree Adjacent to Baghe Jinnah
Government Commerce College Karachi - Defunct Hyatt Hotel Peeking from Left
PIDC and Club Road
See the newspaper article if you like to know more about the abandoned structure, in the below photo, Hyatt Regency Hotel

At PIDC Signal, Karcahi Minibus, Defunct Hyatt Regency, and an MBS Poster!
Karachi's Pearl Continental
Club Road Karachi, PIDC Building Visible
An Old Member of Karachi's Real Elite Club
Chief Secretary the Most Powerful Bureaucratic Position in the Province 
One of the Pioneer Members of the Real Elite Club
Tale of the Old Wise Tree Surviving the Crazy Modern Age
Dedicated to Those Who Know How to Use Katha and Choona :P
The Defiant Wire in Front of Karachi Gymkhana
Back to Metropole Junction
The Other Side of Metropole Junction - Quiet Only on Due to Sunday Morning

Qauide Azam House Museum
Quaide Azam House Museum - Jinnah's Personal Abode in Karachi
The Elaborate Entrance to Jinnah's Residence
The Building is Well Preserved With Original Furniture - Photography Not Allowed As Such
Jinnah is Not Only Father of Nation But a Fashion Inspiration Also At His Own Cost!
Met Yasir in the Walk Who Insisted on a Selfie with the Flag Apt for Pakistan Resolution Day!
Working and Sweating Hard to Feed Their Children