Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Balkans Travel Photos: Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia

Serbia: Belgrade and the Countryside 
June 17-20
Reached Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia. June 17

Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan. June 18
A View from Kalemegdan Fort.
Ravanica Monastery in Cuprija - Serbian Countryside. June 19
Rail Load Coming Out of a Live Coal Mine in East Serbia.
Resava Cave - 80 Million Years Old Ice Age Cave in Serbia.
Inside the Cave, 80 Meters Deep: Calcium Carbonate Structures.
Near Strmosten Town, East Serbia.

Video: Lisini Water Fall, East Serbia
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/d9mwrrGBb84jTS3y8

Macedonia: Skopje and Matka Canyon
June 20-22
Cable Car Overlooking Skopje, Capital of Macedonia. June 21
Kayaking at Matka Canyon, Skopje, Macedonia.

Albanian Riveira: Beaches of Ksamil and Sarande 
June 22-26
Sarande, South of Albania. June 23
Scenic Beach Stretch on the Ionic Sea, Mediterranian, South Albania. June 24

Ksamil Beach, Off the Beathen Path, Albania.
Ksamil Beach Located Very Close to Greek Island of Corfu.
Prisitne Nature at Ksamil Beach, Albania.

Montenegro: Kotor, Budva, and Mountain Train to Bijelo Polje
June 26-29
Kotor, the Historical Town in Montenegro. June 27
Kotor is the Main Tourist Attraction in Monetengro.
Budva, Another Popular Coastal Town in Montenegro.
Clear Waters of Adriatic Sea in Budva, Montenegro.
Montenegro-Serbia Train via Mountains. June 28
Town of Bijelo Polje, in the Mountains of Montenegro, Off the Beaten Path. 
Bijelo Polje Train Station on Montenegro-Serbia Border.

Bosnia: Konjic Rafting and the Survivor Sarajevo
June 29 - July2
The Scenic Konjic Town, Near Sarajevo, Bosnia. June 30
Cats of Konjic, Bosnia.
Mosque in Konjic, Bosnia
Rafting in Konjic, Bosnia.
Neretva River, Konjic, Bosnia, Popular Rafting Spot.
Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. July 1
Tombs Overlooking Sarajevo Old Town, Bosnia.
Sarajevo City Hall, the Survivor of Bosnia.
This is Why Sarajevo Survived. Bosnia.
A Tourist Street in Sarajevo Old Town, Bosnia.
Sarajevo Zoo, Bosnia.