Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makran Coastal Highway: Distance from Karachi to Iran Border

While planning my Makran Coastal Highway trips, I could not find much information about exact distances between cities and other attractions along the highway, so I thought to mark them myself during my trips in August and September (2010), and here it goes:

(All distances are calculated from Hub Toll, for the sake of uniformity, which is 40-50 km from Karachi depending on the route and point of departure)

km    Milestone
000   Hub Toll
002   RCD CNG (adjacent to PSO pump) - Last chance
006   Hub Check Post (Motor Registration Certificate + CNIC)
035   Gadani Check Post (Motor Registration Certificate)
053   Petrol Pump at Windar (last chance for Pakistani petrol)

088   Makran Coastal Highway Starts
099   Lasbella Levies Check Post (Motor Registration Certificate + License)
164   Bad Patch (bridge under construction - stay on the road)
190   Tyre Shop (second one after MCH zero point)
216   Nani Mandir (Hinglaj) Sign - further 15 km off-highway

216   Hingol River Bridge 
216   Roadside Hotel - reasonable for tea and meals
225   Kund Malir 
243   Princess of Hope 
256   Buzi Pass area

335   Ormara Chowk 
374   Road Bump - just before a bridge
502   Pasni Junction 
513   PNS Makran cut 
610   Surbandar cut 

618   Gwadar Junction 
667   Iran Border/Jiwani Junction - Jiwani is 32 km from this point
698   Pak Iran Border 

This is with due credits to my companions who helped me in recording these milestones. Numbers are mostly curtailed down (instead of rounding them off) and are subject to recording and editing errors.

Feedback and queries are welcome.

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  1. I am interested to go for hajj by road from Makran Coastal Highway, Pakistan thorough tourism in Iran , UAE and Behrain. Any one who is interested can join me or let me know. Plz also apprise us about the security situation in Pak-Iran border now. Thanks