Friday, April 8, 2011

(Travelogue) Oriental Outings: From the Departure Lounge - Feb 28, 2011

Misha feeling excited in the baby bassinet!
The Eleventh Hour:
When in Karachi, one can always expect the unexpected, and mostly at the wrong moment! Same happened when I called the radio-cab for the airport drop, after completing all the packing and last moment double checks. The guy on the other side of the telephone sarcastically suggested me to turn-on the TV as that I was pretending innocent! Believe me, I was totally unaware of the bizarre petrol-pump strike in the city and it was after watching those live TV reporters from various nooks of the city that I realized why the cab guy was so skeptical of me!

How we managed to make it to the airport just-in-time is another story, and I am sure evryone has their own when it comes to making it to the airport at the eleventh hour!

From a Rose Comes a Thorn
Then came the only boring part of the trip, i.e. airport security: from luggage screening to checking-in to immigration queue to waiting in the boarding lounge; it was such a nuisance which we had to go through at-least 5 more times in the coming days, argh! But then, there is no choice either!

"You are Only Wasting Your Money"
Before jumping into the travelogue, let's review those interesting comments we received about taking our little angel Misha, then 11 months, along:

“She is not able to keep memories of the trip at this young age”, was the strongest and the most frequent argument.

While others amazed, “how will you handle her for such a long trip?”, “you have to be extra cautious and should keep your adventure instincts checked!”, and the most blunt one was from a friend “you are only wasting your money!”.

Don't disturb!

I am going for water sports!
Hey Captain! Speed up!!
Too tired after a long day!

Who says that I am afraid of monsters?

I enjoy the bus ride too!


Mama! Can you find the baby elephant?
After the trip, we feel really satisfied! It was more fun than what we expected! She adapted to conditions well, enjoyed and learnt from new happenings every day, and always brought opportunities for us to communicate with people around! At times, she felt fed up sitting in the stroller, so we had to resort to the body carrier, which was not easy for longer periods. Conversely, we got priority and privileges especially at airports and public places.

Another Thorn
We were expecting a relaxing sleep in the transit hotel after we landed at Bandaranaike International Airport. Holding the hotel voucher, we confidently headed to the transit counter only to find a situation there! Some 50 people were jumping, screaming, and complaining to the transit staff, which were suggesting indifferently to the lot to stay overnight at the airport lounge!

Amid this mess, one of the two staff paid a brief look at our voucher, and allotted us a hotel room. Wow! We felt like chosen ones! However, after arriving at the transit hotel, Hotel Good Wood Plaza, we were perplexed if those who were suggested to stay at the airport lounge were luckier!


  1. oh we are also gona travel with our 10 months old. i am joining my husband who ll be already in jakarta and most important is i m flying sri lankan and have a transit (8 hours stay) in colombo with my son. so any suggestions. what were the problems at the hotel ?????

    1. problems with the hotel: as you might have already noticed that our experience with SL airline for the night stay was not good. firstly make sure you have the voucher for the night stay which shall be provided by the travel agent (or the airline) while purchasing the ticket and without which they will deny you a room when you reach Colombo. Coming to the hotel, the room was really really dingy - the worst I have stayed ever in my life. we could not sleep at all. food was also absolute rubbish! All I know is that they have more than one hotel so its your luck also.

  2. P.S
    Mashallah ur Misha is cutest angel and seems to be enjoying the trip. fingers crossed in our case, people saying the same as u mentioned