Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rainbow in Karachi; A Rare Delight (with video)

Yesterday (September 14, 2011), on my way back to home after work (around 17:45) I noticed some commuters, especially bikers, stopping by and looking towards the sky. I was driving on the recently built flyover that connects Korangi Industrual Area and Shah Faisal Colony; a busy and the fast route now.

Out of curiosity, I tried to look back, at the risk of losing control on my car, but to no avail.

Suddenly, I saw a huge, clear, and rounded Rainbow on my right hand side, emerging from the Northeast! That was so obvious to be ignored; don’t know why I couldn’t get that in the first place.

Karachi Rainbow from my Mobile Camera
 Please click here to watch the video
Karachi Rainbow: Another Look

It was rare and indeed a delightful sight in Karachi, especially after back to back sad happenings in the recent past.

When I left from my office, located in Korangi Creek, it was a clear shining sun, and by the time I reached my home, University Road, it was raining cats and dogs! This is Karachi!! The rainbow also disappeared by then.

I was all excited, and didn’t have a choice but to stop my car on the highway-like-flyover to have a glimpse of it. People were busy in making photographs out of their mobile cameras! Thankfully, there was no collision among commuters on the narrow busy road.

(PS: Will upload the video sometime in the evening, inshallah)

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