Monday, March 25, 2013

Coming Soon: a Weekend in Nagarparkar

Karachi to Nagarparkar (Source of the map: Googlemaps)

Last weekend I finally got the opportunity to visit Nagarprakar, which can be rightly described as the last town in the Southern Pakistan – thanks to Farrukh and his crazy bunch. From Karachi, Nagarparkar is ~500 km across the Thar Desert and pierces into the Indian states of Gujrat and Rajasthan along the rather deserted section of Pakistan – India border.

In those 2 days on the road, there was ample opportunity for me to take a bird eye-view of the most densely populated desert of the world from the roof of the coaster!

This is a snapshot of what we explored during the whirlwind tour:

  • Naukot Fort – a gigantic 200 years old structure at the brink of the desert
  • Gaddi Bhit – a sand dune overlooking Mithi city top of which is accessible through a paved road!
  • Thari village – a closer look of life in Thar and its colorful sunset
  • Jain Temple – an ancient place of worship
  • Sand adventure – tractor pulling our coaster out of the deep sand ~10 km from the Indian border!
  • Rural surprise ditching the group, having goat milk live and then riding the racing bull-cart
  • Holy Cow – in the most literal sense
  • Post trip cramps – exploring new areas in the body which can produce pain signals
  • Farrukh and Tanveer – the lethal duo who made impossible possible by taking a couple of dozen rotten eggs from one corner of the world to the other and then bringing all of them back unbroken!


  1. Wow what a description Mr.Muzammil... we had great time together...
    that was amazing trip ...

  2. Pleasure is all mine Muzammil Bhaaai ... Well it was a team work , we did a wonderful job.. it was an amazing activity, and the moment we had together , when we laid down on sand :P

  3. Very well written appetizer, will wait for the full version. it was indeed a great experience... the team was exceptionally awesome I must say.. frankly for me the place we chose was awesome too... But its actually people involved who make the overall experience unforgettable. The travelling was extensive and somewhat tiring but this bunch of amazing girls and guys didn't let the energy level go down. Everyone was master piece in his /her own way. A deadly combination of passionate travelers and adventurists.

  4. I have been there too. My main interest was to visit Thar Coal Power Project. First I went deep-down to Nagar Parkar and went to Thar Coal on my way back to Karachi. There two travel loaded on the internet:

  5. Very well done Muzammil amazing descriptions with energetic photo combination like i did virtual trip again hats off