Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Charm of Medieval Bhaktapur

This is Day 12 of Nepal Travelogue (May 24, 2013)

Bhaktapur - Laidback, Unpolluted, and Picturesque
Bhaktapur is a refreshingly unpolluted precinct near Kathmandu. On the fact of it, the pebbled town is famous for its antique architecture; however, its charm is not limited to history buffs only as this laid-back place is a perfect escape from the noisy Kathmandu. After an exhausting jungle excursion we desperately needed a couple of peaceful nights before returning back home and nothing could have been better than Bhaktapur.

Earlier in the morning, Kathrine once again continued the generosity and arranged to drop us to the rustic town. For the night stay, we haggles around and negotiated a small but clean room at the family run Nyatapola Guest House located in one of the surrounding alleys.

Cutting short the other trivial details lets sit back and enjoy the pictorial tour of this medieval city!

Welcome to Bhaktapur But Please Pay the Ticket First!
Ticket Counter - Look at the Heavy Woodwork
You Cannot Get Lost in the Small Bhaktapur Even Without a Map
Bhaktapur Darbar Square
Bhaktapur is Full of Antique Architecture
Another Piece of Medieval Art
Good Thing is that All the Sites are Well Maintained
An Antique Sky-scrapper
Buddhist Monks Roaming Around Town
Enjoying the Full Moon from the Rooftop Restaurant
Traveler’s Tip # 21: Souvenir Shopping
Bhaktapur is a paradise for a souvenir shopper so much so that I would recommend holding on to your pockets during the Nepal trip and cut loose only when you are in Bhaktapur. From ladies handbags to the jute wall hangings, there is a great variety to get spoiled. But whatever you buy, make sure that it is not an easy sell for the vendor; as prices vary depending upon how much you can pay for the same artifact!

Traveler’s Tip # 22: Bhaktapur’s King Curd
Among locals, Bhaktapur is famous for its special curd, called King Curd. It appeared like the normal curd however tasted more like the Bengali sweet curd found at Dhaka Sweets in Karachi and was well worth the money. And yes, make sure that you are buying fresh one from one of the more busy shops.
King Curd: Bhaktapur's Specialty

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