Thursday, November 21, 2013

Revisit: Freshwater Ponds of Ranikot

Ranikot - A Cool Day Escape from Karachi

Located ~ 250km from Karachi, Ranikot is termed as the largest fort in the world and the second longest wall after the Great Wall of China. However, neither of these facts was the reason why I visited the place for the second time!

During thefirst Ranikot expedition, courtesy my inspiring friend Haris Mehmood, we explored and trekked along the freshwater stream running inside the fortification. This watercourse, which emanates from the Kirthar Mountains, casts an interesting greenish contrast to the otherwise monotonous landscape, and was the motive behind the repeat visit; this time with the family.

While sitting besides one of the ponds, it feels like you are in Swat Valley! The water is cool and crystalline, the air fresh and unpolluted, the sunlight full of Vitamin D yet comforting, and the sound echoes. The peeping towers high above the surrounding hills also add to the ambiance and give a feeling as if someone is watching you. 

However, the climax is still to come; a surprise which makes the place a must-see.

This is Doctor Fish – abundant in these ponds and famous for its body cleansing therapy. The miniature marine variety gently eats up all the dead skin and makes it all fresh, once again!. An experience in its own, for which you might be expected to pay a hefty sum in one of Karachi’s a bourgeois spas!
A Trip to Ranikot is Incomplete Without Visiting the Freshwater Stream
Presence of Such a Scenic Spot Near Karachi is Amazing
One of the Ponds Along the Ranikot Stream
Water in these Ponds is Crystal Clear
So Clear that It Looks Like an Aquarium
Doctor Fish!
Villagers Use This Water for Drinking and Irrigation

Road to the Fort

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Entrance of the Fort
We Reached Ranikot Around Sunrise
And Continued Inside Until the Road Discontinued
Under Construction!
Luckily, We Found the Alternate Route to Our Destination: Mirikot
Inside Mirikot; A Small Fort Within Ranikot
Stairs to Mirikot's Roof
Yet Another Fort Can be Seen from Mirikot
But It Was Too Far!
Railway Track Near the Fort
04:00     Left Home
04:30     Karachi Toll Plaza
06:45     Jamshoro
07:00     Ranikot
08:00     Mirikot
10:00     Pond
13:00     Return Journey
17:00     Reached Karachi

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  1. Again, a nice place to visit I've come to know from your end. Didn't you tell me once about the night camping at Ranikot? Is it still possible?

    1. Though I've not camped there but yes it is possible. In fact I'm looking for companions for a possible camping trip. Btw, this is the report from someone who have already camped there:

  2. Hi Muzamil,
    I have emailed you on your gmail address. Will appreciate if you can answer my queries.