Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chicken Karhai in Nepal

This is Day 14 of Nepal Travelogue (May 26, 2013)
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The Best Chicken Karhai Ever!
Yes, we had Chicken Karhai in Kathmenau and not only that, it was the best I ever had in my life!

Here is the Catch
This Karhai was not from any other Indian/Pakistan restaurant around but was homemade, courtesy Urooba and may be dubbed as the last part of the cultural-cum-food exchange series going on at Kathrin’s place; mostly one-way till then.

After taking full benefit of the hospitality shown by our kind hosts, not only limited to Swiss Chocolates and Coffees, we needed to come up with something unique and original. So the idea of Chicken Karhai propped up! After marriage, I somehow learned the art of buying fresh chicken and Kathmandu would have been the perfect place for the skill-test! In the meantime, Urooba mastered in executing the Karhai recipe, which was also about to be tested in an alien kitchen.

As a precaution, we both informed Kathrin also about their coming spice challenge which she gladly accepted.

So after having the much needed therapeutic rub in the first half of the day from a recommended Ayurvedic clinic, we bought chicken from the market while Kathrin’s maid prepared the kitchen and essential veggies.

The whole house got filled with the typical Pakistani/Indian aroma as soon as the wok reached the stove-top. I was peeping at Kathrin and Zaeem’s facial expressions, to check if they were comfortable with the overpowering smell, but they both looked enjoying it! Good for us.

At the dining table also, Karhai received an overwhelming response. Everyone enjoyed the food, especially the chef. And why not so, it was her dexterity which made it one of the most memorable days of our life, and hopefully of our hosts too.

So this was the final episode of our Nepal travel. The next morning, we had the flight back home, which meant that there was a whole lot packing waiting for us!

Buying Chicken in Kathmandu

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