Monday, November 22, 2010

Juddi Hotel in Pasni - When You Dont Have Choices

Juddi Guest House and Restaurant is located in the heart of Pasni and is the only livable place commercially available on the whole Makran coast barring Gwadar. Although I did not stay there, though intended, thanks to one of the colleagues who arranged for a private guesthouse, but the place is worth mentioning because of lack of accommodation facilities in Pasni and Ormara.

The hotel is a basic lodging place with primary facilities. Rooms were just fine and were categorized into AC and non-AC, which signifies the level of cleanliness and hence the higher price. Staff was polite and cooperative, apparently. I also sneaked into the bathroom of one of the AC rooms, which appeared clean and odorless. There was a restaurant also on the mezzanine floor which also looked ok in terms of cleanliness and as per the given conditions.

The hotel is recommendable not because of its merits but due to lack of options. We actually wanted to spend the night at Ormara, but only after searching wildly for a livable place for an hour or so we resorted to plan B, i.e. Pasni. Therefore, Juddi Hotel is effectively the only commercial option along the Makran Coastal Highway before Gwadar. The place is also ideal if one is planning for Astola Island.

Pricing: For a double bed, we had been quoted PKR 1,500 (around USD 17) and PKR 600 (around PKR 7) for AC and non-AC room, respectively. I assume that these rooms are negotiable to the extent of PKR 100-200 depending upon the demand supply scenario. During my second visit, when we actually stayed in Pasni, we bargained for triple bed room with extra mattresses for five of us and the guy was finally willing to charge us PKR 2000 (around USD 23) for one night.


  1. Hello

    I was looking for tourist stay options near beaches of b alouchistan and came across your blog. Seems like you have visited the province. Please coyld you provide more information for someone new to plan a week to 19 days trip to see the beaches of balpchistan including stay??? Will highly appreciate. Thanks

    1. There are almost no tourist facilities around Balochistan beaches. We camped at times or stayed at Navy Mess. There are truck hotels where one can stay overnight with basic facilities, if at all. I heard (never tried) rooms are built at Kund Malir beach, which destroyed the virginity!