Monday, November 22, 2010

Pasni Shopping - Shrimp Deal

Fresh Prwans for Rs. 600 only!
Pasni may be called a paradise for shrimp lovers, where one can buy high quality shrimps, prawns, and lobsters (and I just googled to find out that there is actually a minute difference between shrimps and prawns!) without breaking their pockets.

The tested method is to head to the jetty, instead of bargain hunting at the local fish market, for a better and a fresher deal. The best time for this fortune hunting is a little after noon till the sunset. Well, at the jetty, there are no formal shops or stalls which sell the sea-catch as such. So what I am suggesting here? That one jumps into the rich sea and catch some for them, obviously not! One practical way is to walk along the beach located on the left side of the jetty until one finds fishermen busy in trapping fish and shrimps. Due to the natural setting of the Pasni bay, some lazy fishermen usually get their share of shrimps barehanded, i.e. without even a boat. So, if you find one with a satisfied face and some load in their hands, don’t wait and quote your price after having a brief look at their catch. A pound of medium sized prawns, not significantly smaller than jumbo tiger prawns, should not cost you more than PKR 200, i.e. around 0.25 USD.

Should you not feel confident of your luck, there is another way out, which I tried and managed to break a value deal. Go to one of the fish collecting shops, which in fact front for export dealers, located around the jetty. These places are very visible and can be located from the fish loading/de-loading activity. Tell them, in a polite tone, that you are not into fish business and need only a couple of pounds shrimps for yourself and that you could not find that fresh and big shrimps elsewhere. They may ignore you but be persistent to get your deal. This way, we bought more than three pounds of medium sized shrimps for around PKR 600, i.e. around USD 7! Deal, isn’t it? Btw, after breaking the deal, we had to go to the nearby fish market to peel them off and to make them good for the BBQ we did along the seaside.

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