Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pasni Trap: The Fish Adventure

Pasni, and in fact the whole Makran coast for that matter, is so much about fish. So much so that a historian of Alexander era complained that all food, even mutton, in Makran tastes like fish. He actually could not figure out that local chefs usually use the same crockery and the oil for cooking other food which they have already used to cook the fish! But where is the trap?

Actually, locals over there eat all kinds of fish without even giving preferences to the taste and to the texture. Not to mention, that they have their own recipes to turnaround some of the bland varieties into sumptuous meals. But making things worse, they even don’t mind having fish full of thorns which otherwise can disturb one’s ENT mechanism. Anyway, overwhelmed by this fish-centric culture, we chose a fish and only after the BBQ we found out that the fish is a combination of both of the above mentioned qualities, alas! Full of thorns and no taste, hence it was a total waste.

But this is not to suggest at all that one should avoid the fish in the land of fish-eaters (actual meaning of the word Makran). This would be an injustice, in fact. However, one needs to be a bit choosy and should avoid unfamiliar fish verities even though they look popular among locals. Instead search for varieties like Surmai, Sonu, Heera, Ghissar, Mangra, Mushka, and obviously the tasty Pamphlet.

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